Ethridge family history

Missing in the above label is 17, Fannie Ethridge Gatewood

Conversations with Mary Walker Gatewood, Holly Springs, Mississippi, 2015

  • Conversation 1: William Nathaniel Ethridge & Mary Isabella Howell
  • 3:14, We were just getting the recorder to work. Talking about plan for conversations.

  • Conversation 2: William Nathaniel Ethridge & Mary Isabella Howell
  • 21:30, WNE1 loses his arm, life in Meridian, destitute MIHE, children, WNE2, Ruth born 1903, Gene Ethridge,
    Laura Mae Rammage and Ruby from West Point, WNE3 gets polio in California, WNE3 and family

  • Conversation 3:
  • 27:28, Mark Ethridge, Frank Kendall Ethridge, Fannie Ethridge Gatewood, Pank Gatewood (Frances), Henry Gatewood Jr.
    "Exchange program", Mary Howell III(?)

  • Conversation 4:
  • 15:26, Ruth's career, taught in Crystal Springs, Mary Walker in Washington, the W - explain, Wall Doxy, Mary Jane in Washington
    Pank in Panama

  • Conversation 5:
  • 23:05, Cardinal Long, Lura, Tommy, WNE2's railroad, Tommy - Marine on Guam, Ester Lewis Ethridge, Laura & Lenore, Frank and Carlotta,
    Alma, John Ethridge family

  • Conversation 6:
  • 11:07, Life in Holly Springs, Gatewood family

  • Conversation 7:
  • 7:06, Frank Kendall Ethridge family

  • Conversation 8:
  • 4:32, Carlotta Bailey and Bailey family of Meridian

  • Conversation 10:
  • 3:56, Mary Snow's high school years in Holly Springs

  • Conversation 11:
  • 21:24, Collins family (of Rachel Ethridge), train trips, Mary Jane Collins, adventures in Meridian, Collinses in Holly Springs,
    Life as kids in Haooly Springs

  • Conversation 12:
  • 17:01, Rachel Ethridge, Mary Jane Collins, Nuntie (Anne Davidson Ethridge) & M.L. Crook, Mark's journalism career, Ruth

Oral history interview with Willie Snow Ethridge, 15 December 1975

Interview with Lee Kessler
Note that there is a defect in this recording a little way into it, but it clears up after a bit.

In Mark's time

It's Greek to Me, by Willie Snow Ethridge

Read by Frank Owen

Let's Talk Turkey, by Willie Snow Ethridge

Read by Frank Owen